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Level of Personality Functioning-screener brief form (LPFS-BF):


Here you can find different translations of the ‘Level of Personality Functioning Scale – Brief Form 2.0’ (LPFS-BF 2.0).
The LPFS-BF 2.0 is a brief questionnaire based upon the AMPD to assess level of personality functioning.
A total score (sum of all items), Self-functioning score (sum of items 1-6) and Interpersonal functioning score (sum of items 7-12) can be calculated.


For studies on the development of the LPFS-BF scale, please see:


Note that translations have not been checked by de Viersprong.

Albanian LPFS-BF 2.0

Arabic LPFS-BF 2.0

Brazilian Portuguese LPFS-BF 2.0

Chinese LPFS-BF 2.0

Czech LPFS-BF 2.0

Danish LPFS-BF 2.0

English LPFS-BF 2.0

French LPFS-BF 2.0

German LPFS-BF 2.0

Italian Italian LPFS-BF 2.0

Nederlands LPFS-BF 2.0

Norsk LPFS-BF 2.0

Persian LPFS-BF 2.0

Polish LPFS-BF 2.0

Romanian LPFS-BF 2.0

Spanish (Spain) LPFS-BF 2.0

Spanish (South America) LPFS-BF 2.0

Swedish LPFS-BF 2.0

Swiss Italian LPFS-BF 2.0

Turkish LPFS-BF 2.0

Vietnam LPFS-BF 2.0

Copyright notice

The Level of Personality Functioning Scale Brief Form (2.0), whether in English, Dutch or in translation, are copyrighted documents that may not be modified in any way. Paper versions may be downloaded and subsequently photocopied without charge by individuals or non-profit organizations provided they are not making any charge to participants or other persons. For permission to distribute electronic versions of the LPFS-BF (2.0), or if you have any questions, please contact research@deviersprong.nl.


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