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Scoring and normative data

SIPP-118 and SIPP-SF
The SIPP-118 and SIPP-SF can be scored using a SPSS-syntax or a scoring file in Excel. The SPSS-syntax provides information about which items of the SIPP-118 should be recoded, and how the facets and higher order domains can be computed and labelled. Now also available: the syntax of the SIPP-SF (60 items) and the syntax for transforming the SIPP-118 data in SIPP-SF data. Normative data are available for the 16 facets (SIPP-118) and the five higher order domains of the SIPP-118 and SIPP-SF.

Scoring the SIPP using SPSS

Scoring syntax for the SIPP-118 (SPSS syntax file) 
Scoring syntax for the SIPP-SF (SPSS syntax file) 
Scoring syntax for the SIPP-SF for SIPP-118 data (SPSS syntax file)

Calculation of normative data for the SIPP-118 and SIPP-SF

Calculation of standardized t-scores of the SIPP-118 (SPSS syntax)
Calculation of standardized t-scores of the SIPP-SF (SPSS syntax)

Scoring the SIPP and normative data using Excel

Scoring SIPP-118 in Excel (in Dutch)  
Scoring SIPP-SF in Excel (in Dutch)

Scoring SIPP-118 in Excel (in English)
Scoring SIPP-SF in Excel (in English)

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