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Use of the SIPP

Clinical assessment and use of the SIPP

Despite the fast growth of the number of diagnostic instruments for personality disorders, and despite the availability of several tests that measure personality traits in the normal population, diagnostic tools tailored to evaluate the severity of personality in patients that is generic to all personality disorders are still not common. The SIPP seems a promising instrument for focusing on the changeable aspects of personality pathology among patients with personality disorders.

For both the SIPP-118 as well as the SIPP-SF, norm scores are available from two groups: patients with personality disorders who are seeking treatment, and individuals from the general population. For each participant, standardised t-scores comparing the individual’s score to patients seeking treatment and to individuals from the general population can be computed.

Evaluating outcome of psychotherapeutic treatment
As the SIPP focuses on the changeability of personality pathology, the questionnaire is suited to be administered before and after psychotherapeutic interventions. The SIPP-SF is specifically developed for treatment outcome research.

Whereas the SIPP-scores seem to be stable in the short run (good test-retest reliability), research focusing on the predictive and construct validity of the SIPP is still in progress.

The SIPP is currently under study as a research tool in diagnostic and psychotherapy treatment studies. Relevant publications are listed below:

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Feenstra, D.J., Hutsebaut, J., Verheul, R., & Busschbach, J.J.V. (2011). Severity Indices of Personality Problems (SIPP-118) in adolescents: reliability and validity. Psychological Assessment, 23, 646-655.

Copyright notice
The Severity Indices of Personality Problems, whether in English, Dutch or in translation, are copyrighted documents that may not be modified in any way. Paper versions may be downloaded and subsequently photocopied without charge by individuals or non-profit organizations provided they are not making any charge to participants or other persons. No one except members of the Viersprong Institute for Studies on Personality Disorders (VISPD) is authorized to create or distribute electronic versions for any purpose. Please contact SIPP@deviersprong.nl if you have any questions regarding the SIPP.

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